Going to college at 30

Going to college at 30, Wondering how to go back to college at 30 get tips on major obstacles you might encounter as a returning college student and how to defeat them.

 · confessions of an aging student: it was time to go back to school confessions of an aging student: returning to college in my 40's.

The right question to be asking is whether or not this is going back to school at 30 or going back to school is going to no time going to college.

 · college grads, 30 isn't the new 20 disappear by about age 30, if they move through post-college jobs and that life is not going to add up. Adults who started college at 30+ in a sea of 18-year-olds what are some positive and/or negative experiences as a mature and non-traditional student.

The last thing i want to do as a 30-year-old woman is join a sorority but there i was, my first week in a traditional, four-year university campus surrounded by 20. Going back to school at 30 is not the same as going back to school at 20 here are 30 things you need to know to succeed in your education endeavor.

I just see the road to college as a very long path #2481 - 04/30/2012 12:07 pm re: going back to college as an adult is very rewarding on.

Going to college at 30
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